Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What's going on...

**And I said hey eyy eyy eyyyyyyy hey eyyy eyyy I said hey. What's going on?**

Anyone? I just had to look up which band that is. For those who were wondering it's 4 Non Blondes.

Anyway, this is just an update on my tiny little piece of the world. To start with, here's what's going on with Blade's Edge over on JukePop Serials:

Blade's Edge has been having an awesome month over on JukePop. In April it has earned 120 +votes which has more than doubled its total number of +votes since March. Considering that I only added five chapters in April (so up to 16 from 11 in March) that's a whole lot of increased support. In addition, it has gone from being 119th out of all the serials back in March to being 86th overall (the overall total number of novels on JukePop is estimated to be over 600). On top of all of that, it has also been chosen as an "Editor's Pick." I'm not sure what the duration for the editor's picks are, but I get the impression they change every 2-4 weeks. So, all in all a banner month. If it manages to stay in the top 30 for the month through midnight tonight (which seems likely, but is by no means assured) then it will officially become a JP30 novel which should be a huge help for gaining readership, and might even earn me a tiny bit of cash. Yay!

My sincerest thanks to everyone who has taken out of their lives to read and support Blade's Edge. Increasing my readership at this juncture will be huge for all of my subsequent novels, and on a website like JukePop more readership begets more readership so your support is hugely helpful towards me making this writing career a thing. Thank you!

A behind the scenes note for Blade's Edge fans: The next chapter you read will be the first Chapter of Part Three. This means that I need some time to make a lot of continuity edits across the whole third part to make sure that the story doesn't take any wonky turns. We also have guests visiting through the weekend so I predict that the next chapter will arrive between Wednesday and Friday of next week. Sorry for the delay, but it's important to me to provide quality writing and what stands for Part Three from the first draft needs a lot of work. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

In non-Blade's Edge but still writing related news: The project that I started for CampNaNoWriMo this month has sat sadly neglected due to a number of reasons (keeping on top of my Blade's Edge chapters, working on my final revision of Gwendamned, actually doing my full time job). However, fear not, for it has acquired a happy future: It is to become a series of novellas that will be my first foray into self publishing! I am taking a course on series writing that requires writing to a deadline (the way I work best) and does not require, but gives perks to, authors who choose to self publish that series during the course. I am very excited about this, and I look forward to telling everyone more about it as the project moves forward.

My final revision of Gwendamned needs to take top priority for a bit, so I think I'm going to make it top priority for the next few weeks. It's difficult balance between current projects, new projects and actually finalizing this older project. Which reminds me, I should really go work on Gwendamned instead of this blog post...

Well, I will leave you with a picture:

For anyone who has ever asked me where I get my ideas: Please note that I spend a lot of time in some of the worlds most beautiful places. :-)

I had a couple of completely non-writing related notes to add to this post, but I think it's long enough. More tomorrow!

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