Monday, April 7, 2014

Chapter 12, Other Ramblings, and a Silly Video...

First things first: Chapter 12 (aka Part Two: Chapter 5) of Blade's Edge is up and ready for your reading pleasure! I didn't have a chance to get any of my first readers to take a look at it before posting, so it might have a higher number of typos than usual. Still, it is about 1/3 previously written text so it should be decently clean.

In addition, I can now edit previous posts, so if you'd like to contribute comments on comma splices, typos, and sentences that don't make any sense, etc. please do! 

Sorry this chapter didn't make it up last week, but I'm hoping to get another chapter up by Friday of this week to make up for it. Thanks for your patience rolling out this series, working full time at teaching and writing consistently are hard to pull off together. Consequently, and you may have seen hints of this on various parts of my internet presence, I am looking into switching to writing as my full time gig. more details on that in a later post.

In other, but related news, I have a new project that I've started working on (a full length sci-fi novel and possibly series of novels - exciting as it's the first time I've considered writing a series) AND I'm doing a major and 'final' rewrite of Gwendamned (the novel that I've got a publisher interested in). 

I have made the deadline for myself regarding the Gwendamned rewrite the end of April. So in the first week of May I should be sending Gwendamned off to the publisher and crossing my fingers. 

That's a lot to balance along with my full time job, so we'll see how well I pull it off, but I have high hopes for myself and I really want to have my ducks in a row come June.

June when I finish teaching. June is when I will step back from ten years of full time teaching and focus on writing for a living. It's difficult to restrain myself until June. A very large part of me wants to let go of teaching right now and just focus on writing, but that would be unfair to my students and colleagues and so I resist. Just barely. I resist.

To keep myself sane though, I am writing as often as I can, and revising as well. It's important to me to keep Blade's Edge going, not just because I love the story, but also because I have made a commitment to my readers to keep that story going. 

And here's the part where I ask for support: I know you're all busy, and I know it takes time to read a story, even one that's only published a chapter a week over months at a time. Alternatively, I know that many of you prefer to read a story all at once and find it frustrating to read a chapter a week. (I am the same way and thought I would find it incredibly frustrating, but I have found a few serials on JukePop that I enjoy and I have actually found a surprising gratification in the weekly installments.) If you have a few minutes extra during your lunch, or once you get home and are decompressing from work, or during your daily commute (remember there is a free Jukepop app for both android and iphone), please take a moment to check out Blade's Edge.

Remember: Jukepopserials are entirely free to read (they do require taking two minutes to create a free account)! Plus voting a chapter raises the authors chances of a. being read by people who are unfamiliar with the author b. getting paid a dividend of that months revenue on JukePop if they make it to the top 30 +voted novels. The top 30 are calculated every month for only the votes they receive that month, so the month to month rankings can change drastically.  But, really, I am not looking to make much money on this project (if I were Jukepop - a free publication- is not where I would have decided to publish this book the first time), this is really an exercise in gaining readership, which will hopefully create a solid base for my future endeavors. 

My point, dear readers, is that I would really appreciate your readership on this work that I am currently putting a lot of energy into. If you read a few chapters and decide it's not for you, no harm done, no offense taken, but please at least give it a look. It's a project that matters to me and one that I hope to use as a stepping stone on the path to making my writing support my life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully taking a look at Blade's Edge. Without readers I have no chance to make it as an author. I appreciate your time and your willingness to let me entertain you. 

I hope this post finds all of you well and gently warming with the beginnings of spring... Here is a little tidbit of winter ridiculousness to help you bring in the spring.

Does Artemis actually like sledding? Hard to tell...

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