Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A New Chapter and What I Hate About Borders...

Chapter 16 (Part Two: Chapter 9) of Blade's Edge is up and ready to read over at JukePop Serials. Still hanging in the top 30 for the month over there (sitting at number 30 right now) so it's an excellent time to read and +vote the newest chapter.

In other news: you will all be happy to hear that I have received a clean background check from Spain and am consequently one step closer to being able to submit my application to Canadian immigration. (I know you were all worried about that one.)

I'm still waiting on my background checks from Japan and the US. For those that were wondering, remember that impromptu trip to LA that I took back in March?

(The trip that led to this awesome picture...)

That was for the SOLE purpose of going to the Japanese consulate which insisted on seeing me IN PERSON in order to file the paperwork for my background check. Which, after driving eight hours in each direction just to get my butt to LA to hand over in person, takes TWO FREAKING MONTHS to process.

Sometimes I hate bureaucracy so much I want to scream.


At least we had wonderful friends who were willing to put us up (and kept putting us up/putting up with us after our car broke down and our departure was delayed by a number of days). So we made the most of it, drove up the coast a bit, and enjoyed the hell out of our involuntary visit. (We just felt really bad for abandoning Corey's parents who had come to visit us for a week and leaving them to their own devices for the majority of their stay.)

Spain was much simpler, but still gets bonus points for the following ridiculousness: They will allow you to apply for your background check entirely via mail (thank you reasonable human beings) with a notarized copy of your passport and the proper paperwork. No worries. Also, they have a very reasonable fee (thank you 3.64 euros). However, the only way you can pay the fee is to find a bank branch that processes Spanish tax forms (nonexistent in Sedona) or to do a wire transfer straight to their account. Ok, that's annoying but not too bad... Until you realize that your bank charges you $35 to wire funds internationally. So, you wind up paying $35 just to wire 3.64 euros to Spain. (For a tidy total of about $40 US.) 

Luckily, the US only requires a fingerprint card with my personal info and a $18 fee, so that's not too bad. Still waiting to get that back though.

I suppose it's my fault for living in so many countries as an adult.

So, once I get back all of three background checks I can then SUBMIT my paperwork to Canada (along with a giant hunk of money). Which then starts a months long waiting game while they first approve my husband as an eligible sponsor and then me as a reputable applicant for permanent residence. 

All of this so that I can continue living with my husband in his country of origin. Don't get me wrong, we had to do it for Corey to move to the US too, we just lucked out and had an expedited process because we applied through the US consulate in Tokyo. But I think it's equally lame that he had to go through all of that in order to move here. Why does it have to be such a pain in the ass for us to live and work in the same country even now that we're married?

Oh well. Many people have it much worse; Immigration from other countries can be even more of a trial. And when it comes down to it, we are so fortunate in so many ways that complaining is downright silly. 

So, big picture: my life is wonderful and I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Teeny tiny temporary picture: wah, wah, moving to another country can be a pain in the ass. 

Someone get me a violin.

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