Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nostalgia, a New Chapter, and One or Two Stats...

Well, let's get the important part out of the way. I know you're anxious to read it, so here's Blade's Edge Chapter 15 (Part Two: Chapter 8) Enjoy!

For those who love stats: Blade's Edge is still holding at #24 for the month of April and #94 overall over on Jukepop. Woot! Thank you dear readers, for making that happen!

In other news, thinking about Japan (as I often do while revising/rewriting Blade's Edge as it is loosely inspired by feudal Japan) makes me think of the amazing adventures that Corey and I had there. Today that reminded me of this adventure:

Japan sure knows how to put on an historical reenactment! This picture is from spring of 2010 taken by Lily Lam (I think). Anyway, turns out the Kawanakajima Battle involved a small band of western mercenaries, so we got to participate in the battle reenactment. (We got to run with torches through a river and then die valiantly in a giant crowd of people.)

History can be so much fun!

Anyway, just thought I would throw that out there to brighten your Thursday a bit. Hope everyone is having a lovely day.

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