Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Day I Killed My Skate...

Today we went for a skate along the river with friends. The weather was fine, the sun shining, the sky cloudless, and only a light breeze to tickle us as we slid gently along the icy surface of the river. We had traversed about half of the available distance on the river trail when, mid stride, with no undue pressure or torque applied, I heard a crack and suddenly felt like my foot had a lot more room to move around. The upper portion of my skate, (a five dollar thrift store purchase from the previous winter) had completely let go of its base. My foot was no longer connected to the blade below. With help from my friends I hobble-scooted my way to a nearby bench, and inspected the damage.

The view from above. If it looks like the skate is double wide, that's because my foot is hanging out of the side of it.

That's the bottom of the liner that is supposed to be inside of the skate. Meanwhile the blade is still pointing downward as gravity demands.

Here you can see my toe poking out of the front

None of this stopped Artemis from having a wonderful day

Or looking adorable in the snow

Or standing majestically in the sun

Or exploring the expanse of the river

The moral of this story is that you get what you pay for when you buy five dollar skates, and that nothing stops a dog from enjoying a wintry day in the sun. (Also, when you bring your boots with you in a backpack while skating skate failures are really not a big deal. Walking home on a sunny winter day is still quite pleasant.) 

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