Monday, February 29, 2016

Celebrating the art of breathing and the miracle of ice...

I have just gotten over yet another cold. I really hope my immune system recognizes that I have now had my entire year's worth (more than, actually) of colds in the past two months, and will consequently bar all future virus' entry. (That's totally how immunity works, right?) Sigh...

Anyway, to celebrate having once more regained the ability to breathe through my nose (not to mention feeling like I had enough energy to leave the house) I grabbed the dog and took her for a lengthy stroll on the Red River. And of course, since this is Winnipeg, and it's February, I really mean ON the river. We didn't skate, because I didn't know if I'd have the energy, but in retrospect, I think Artemis and I both would have preferred it if I'd been on skates. (She would have been warmer from running, and I would have enjoyed covering more distance.)

Regardless, we managed to cover just over five miles all told (out and back). I snapped a few cell phone shots to commemorate the occasion. So here you are, on the very last day a February, a look at the walking trail that runs next to the skating trail that runs a total of about 6km on the Red. (We only did a portion of it today, but I plan to head back out there with skates tomorrow and see if we can do the whole distance.)

Artemis turns to look at me and say, "would you hurry the hell up, woman? My paws are freezing!"

Wind up! Tail down. Must keep the priority bits covered.

Artemis and I were both mesmerized by the patches of clear ice underneath one of the bridges. Join me in the next photo to appreciate a more detailed look.

Ok. So the phone camera doesn't really do it justice but... the ice is clear enough that you can see fissures that run about three feet down. Which is terrifying until you realize... there's at least THREE FEET of ICE beneath your feet. That is plenty to hold up the weight of a human and a dog... and all the large trucks and bobcats that they use to keep the ice groomed along the river. 

There are probably only a few more days left to enjoy the frozen river. The forecast looks like it will stay good and cold for until Friday, but then it will start going above freezing consistently enough that we're unlikely to be able to keep our river trail for much longer. Consequently I have every intention of heading out to skate for the next few days and trying to make the most of it while I can. Sure as hell beats a gym membership. 

Happy winter everyone! See you in March.

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