Monday, March 21, 2016


Well, once more my life has taken me to Arizona for some lovely outdoor adventures and quality time spent with good friends and family. My hope is to get some serious work accomplished today, so I will keep this blog entry brief. (Not that blogging isn't serious work, but there's writing and formatting work that needs doing and blogging often feels like a distraction.)

So far this trip has included such highlights as: backpacking for two days with one of my favorite people in the world and covering 20 miles of rugged desert terrain in that time period, watching my husband wear a kilt all weekend whilst playing traditional celtic music at the Phoenix Highland games, eating delicious food from a variety of restaurants ranging from hole in the wall Mexican food to old favorite Japanese restaurants, and spending time with people I don't get to see nearly often enough.

In an attempt to disconnect from technology for most of this trip I neglected to bust out my cell phone for pictures very often. However, here are a couple shots just to give you a general impression of the awesomeness.

Bagpipes provided the soundtrack to most of the weekend. There were hundreds of them and they never stopped.

Here are Claire and I post-backpacking trip both seeming startled that we have taken a picture of ourselves in this state. Behind us is the trailhead to our 20 mile, two day loop. (Claire please forgive me for using such an unflattering photo of the two of us, but I felt it best captured the moment.)

Arizona, you have treated us well yet again, and I look forward to the next visit! 


  1. Awesomeness personified! I can almost hear the skirl of the pipes as I admire the kilted pipers. Fun to see your faces, too--your one piercing (nay, skewering) blue eye, Lee, is pretty terrifying, but I'm sure your loving viewers will get over it soon.

    1. Ha! Thanks, Clarinda! I hope everyone recovers in short order.