Saturday, October 17, 2015

What to post about when you really should be writing...

Well, thank goodness I wrote a Guest Post over at Maureen's Book Blog for Sunday, otherwise this would have been a very sad week for the blog. If you're wondering about the content of that post, here's a teaser:

The reason for my radio silence? I've been working on my WIPs. Of course, if you've been checking the word meters you'll notice that they haven't moved a ton since last week (thought they have moved), but that's only because I had to take a break to do some plotting and planning and a little bit of graphic design work to keep things moving. (Ok, technically I didn't have to do the graphic design work to help me write... but it was a pleasant distraction that helped to keep me motivated. Yay temporary covers, YAY!)

(This is my first attempt at a cover for the Victoria Marmot series. Just for funzies. Although, I kind of like it, so who knows... Maybe I'll keep it. Might want to add my name though...)

The other thing I've been doing is catching up on my NetGalley reads for review, and if you are curious about what I've been reading lately you should check out my Goodreads Reviews page.  I have been reading some entertaining stuff lately.

And finally, I've been looking into more events where I can show up, meet readers, and sell some books. I just today found out about C4 Winnipeg thanks to someone who tipped me off via Facebook. And, sadly, I'm far too late to sign up with them for this year (the event is in two weeks), but I will be signing up for their 2016 event and I am also looking into signing up for KeyCon in Winnipeg in May of 2016. I will be sure to let folks know as soon as I have confirmation for any of those events.

And with that, I think I should get back to the actual writing bit. I'm enjoying both books still, though I've reached a couple plotting challenges with both of them. Think I have them sorted out now though, so it should be all good for a while. We shall see. Back to the grindstone! Happy fall everyone! Artemis has been enjoying the cooler weather:

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