Sunday, October 11, 2015

A day in the life...

This week we get an extra post and it is a guest post that I've written for the wonderful author spotlight over on Maureen's Book Blog!

Here's a sneak peak of the post:

A day in the life of a writer

Well, alright, a day in the life of this writer, because I honestly cannot speak for how anyone else’s days go. That said, it has come to my attention that how people tend to assume my days go and how they actually go, are two very distinct things. So, let’s compare them, shall we?

On the left: how people expect my days to go, and on the right: reality.*
*Note: some items on either side may have been exaggerated or fictionalized for humor’s sake.

What the world thinks my day looks like:

7:00am The writer awakes bright eyed and refreshed after a revivifying eight hours of sleep, ready to dive into her latest creative masterpiece.

7:30am The writer enjoys a small but healthy repast of her favorite breakfast items in order to fuel the brain for her upcoming creative endeavors.
What my day actually looks like:

9:00am I roll groggily from bed and slump downstairs to take the dog out to pee whilst still bleary eyed and in my pajamas. I wear a hoodie in the desperate hope that the neighbors won't see me while my hair still looks like it's frantically hailing a cab in five different directions at once.


  1. If the link isn't working for you, try back in a couple of hours. Maureen lives in the Netherlands and I may have messed up my calculation of timezones. Her post is due to go live Sunday morning-ish her time. :-) Sorry for any inconvenience.

  2. The link is definitely up and running now, so please check out the full post on Maureen's blog!