Wednesday, October 28, 2015

News! Plans! And my Pending Disappearance...

First off, big last minute news! I was signed up on the waitlist for an Artist table at C4 Winnipeg (Central Canada ComiCon) and they got in touch with me last night to say that I could have a table! Yay!! So if you are in Winnipeg you should come to ComiCon (Dr. Beverly Crusher from Star Trek TNG and Spike from Buffy will both be there along with a bunch of other awesome guests) and you should swing by booth number 510 (my booth) and chat with me about whatever you feel like, or just show me how fantastic your costume is, or tell me how much you love Gates Mcfadden, or whatever. The point is, you should drop by!

Here's a map of the 2nd floor layout so you can find me with ease:

So, that's pretty exciting. Of course I will also have books available should you wish to buy them. But really, I'm just hoping people will come talk to me. :-)

Next up, you may have noticed that earlier this week I shared a sneak peak at the YouTube channel I'm launching in November. More on that will be coming soon! But in the meantime, here is a list of topics I plan to cover with those videos:

  • Writer vs. Indie author - job description
  • NaNoWriMo - and why you should embrace it
  • Tools of the trade - or Why scrivener is the bomb diggity
  • Kickstarter - why?
  • Kickstarter - how?
  • Kickstarter - the aftermath
  • Goodreads - why you need an account
  • NetGalley - how to, and how not to
  • DIY Graphic Design - 1. resources - free stock images, gimp, canva, etc.
  • DIY Graphic Design - 2. things to avoid - low res, color clash, too much text
  • DIY Graphic Design - 3. when to hire someone else - covers!, posters, things that will cost you money if you mess up
  • Trad vs Indie pros and cons
  • Mildest and BookBub things to know
  • Marketing and Promotion 101
  • Facebook dos and don’ts
  • Twitter dos and don’ts
  • Pinterest - how does this even work?
  • Blogging - tips and tricks
  • Amazon - createspace, KDP, and KDP select
  • Other distributors - should you bother?
  • Reviews - why they’re important and how to get them
  • Why I chose to go indie - a personal story
  • Planning vs. Pantsing
  • My revision process - and a plug for Holly Lisle
  • Mailing Lists - Why and how
  • Personal reflections series 
  • Audio books - why and how
*Please forgive the lack of order to these, they are just copied from my notes.

Please feel free to let me know if there's a topic you'd like me to cover that isn't already up there. If I have any useful information about it I will be happy to share!

And finally, we are coming up on that time of year when I disappear from the internet for a while. Though I am sad to leave you all, it is generally a blissful time for me as I disconnect from technology and go play outside for month. Yet again I will be headed to Arizona to lead a climbing trip for VVS and also going on adventures with friends for the latter part of the month. I will attempt to schedule both blog posts and videos to pop up here while I'm gone, but if I seem quiet for most of November it's because I won't have much actual internet access throughout. 

On that note, I leave you with this image of the desert to which I will be returning:

Happy Halloween, and happy Fall!

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