Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What do Kickstarter and Hugh Howey have in common?

They will both be making appearances on my blog!

Well, ok in all fairness, they may have a lot of other things in common since they're both all about independent creative projects and such, but look... That's not my point.

What is my point? 

My point is that a. Hugh Howey has agreed to do an interview for this blog! and b. next week I will be launching my kickstarter project for Blade's Edge

Woohoo!! For those of you who don't know who Hugh Howey is, you really need to google his name. Or head to his website. Or, better yet, go buy the Wool omnibus, the first book in the Silo series. The Silo series being one of my all time favorite sci-fi books (series, trilogy, whatever). You could even omit the word sci-fi from that statement and still have it be true. So, go do that so that you can make the most of his interview when I post it. 

*does happy dance*



So yeah, I'm currently finishing up my kickstarter project page so that I can launch it on Monday of next week. The project will run from next week through the first week of October and if it funds successfully (it's an all or nothing proposition) then I will get down to the final revision and get everything ready for publication through October. WOOT!

**Don't know what kickstarter is? It's a crowdfunding site. Check it out here.

More details about that will be all over the project page itself, so please check that out as soon as it's up. I will certainly post all kinds of links to it here and everywhere else that I can.

All of this is exciting! Look, it's making Artemis dance!

And no, I don't actually take the trouble to make these gifs. My phone makes them automatically whenever I take multiple pictures of the same thing. So... Yeah. Technology is creepy.

Off to finish up that kickstarter project page! 

Oh, and if you didn't catch it already, Chapter 33 (Part Three: Chapter 17) of Blade's Edge is up and ready to read! 


  1. Your intros and backstories are among my favorite things on ROASA. Kudos on your comic skills--which really, really dazzle on the video about your excellent Kickstarter campaign.

    1. Thanks so much! That's really lovely to hear. I do try to be humorous but it's hard to tell if I'm funny to anyone but myself.