Monday, September 8, 2014

It's Launchtime!

Well damn. Last week was a bit of a whirlwind: getting the kickstarter page ready and making the video as awesome as could be... it's finally ready. How ready you ask? This ready:

Some behind the scenes info: We (the husband and I) filmed all of the outdoor shots in the park near our apartment (yes, including the ones under the bridge - I'm trying to appeal to all of my troll fans) and we had friends contribute the various "I know what I'm doing" clips. The photos of Japan are all ones that I took while we were living there, and the ones of a woman holding a katana are all me trying to look like someone other than me. I really wish that I had some female Japanese friends here in Winnipeg to help me take pictures of people who actually look like the characters, but alas, no luck. So please pretend your hardest that those pictures are of beautiful Japanese women instead. Thanks.

Woot! In the handful of hours since posting we've gained two backers and $128 worth of pledges! That's awesome.

For those unfamiliar with kickstarter: it's an all or nothing venture, you can go over, but if you raise less than your goal you get nothing. Our goal is $4,500, so $128 in the opening hours of a 30 day campaign isn't bad! In return for pledging to fund the campaign backers earn rewards. In this case the rewards are copies of the book, copies of the cover art, a personalized short story starring YOU! and a number of other cool prizes.

Corey and I spent a good portion of our weekend filming and editing the video, and I've been researching and doing the math on this for ages. If you have questions about the campaign you can let me know in the comments section here, or the one on the kickstarter page. Today is all about spreading the word, so I've been posting like mad to every form of social media that I'm a member of. It's a fine line between self promotion and spamming, let me know if you think I've crossed it (or better yet let me know if you think I'm getting close to crossing it and help me prevent myself from becoming a jerk!).

---That sentence made sense in my head, I swear.

Anyway, I've spent a lot of time making this kickstarter happen (been planning it since back in the spring) and I'm very excited that it's launched and ready to go. So please check it out if you have a moment, and if you enjoy it, I hope you'll share it with others!

A huge thank you to those who helped make the movie, either by contributing clips or narrating for the synopsis (Jeremy Broomfield I'm looking at you). And a huge thanks to those who have already contributed!

In other news, the Hugh Howey interview will go up later this week! It's hilarious and educational, and I can't wait to share it with you guys. So keep an eye out for that, and go read his stuff if you haven't already.

Also, the newest Blade's Edge chapter will go up tomorrow and another on Friday! If you need to catch up before then, go here.

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