Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Net Neutrality

Imagine a world in which the electricity in your home only worked for apple products, or it would only work efficiently on apple products. Let's say a macbook would charge in an hour, but if you have a sony laptop it would take ten hours.

That's an approximation of what we'd be looking at if the companies attempting to pass legislation that would allow them to create internet slow lanes succeed. This site would probably still be loading. It certainly has no reason to make it into a fast lane. It's not like I can afford to pay whatever comcast or other companies would charge me to have "fast" access to my site. 

Would you bother reading this blog anymore if it took twenty minutes to load? How many of your favorite sites would be big enough to pay for the "privilege" of fast internet access?

Would you let power companies decide how much electricity each appliance in your house should get based on which companies paid them? 

Don't let this happen to the internet. 

Go to and let law makers know what you think about the idea of internet fast and slow lanes. We have the power to stop it, we simply have to act.

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