Saturday, December 14, 2013

Take a Deep Breath...

Whew! I've just finished my read through of the remainder of Blade's Edge. It took longer than expected because I had to track down the hand written final 20,000 words after discovering that they weren't anywhere on my computer. I will have to transcribe them to the land of digital words soon so that I can't lose them. Yipes!

In the meantime, I've been teaching, coaching, and dorm parenting all week, and getting the final touches ready for the play. (I'm the technical director for the theater program here at my school.) The play premiered last night and concluded today with a matinee performance. So that's all wrapped up, but the whole thing has left me with less time than I would like for rewriting. However, I have still managed to work some on Blade's Edge every day. I am hopeful that between tomorrow and Monday I can get chapter 8 ready to rock.

Parts two and three of Blade's Edge need a lot of work, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how much of the manuscript I still enjoy. I have some good ideas for how to make things awesome in Part Two and Part Three, so I hope I'll be able to sort those out well enough in the next 24 hours to be able to rewrite a solid Chapter 8 (which for those who've forgotten, or missed my last post, is the beginning of Part Two).

In the meantime the husband and I are getting ready to travel and see family for the holidays. We're doing two visits, one to his hometown in Manitoba and one to my sister's place out in North Carolina. Between the two stops we'll actually get to see all of both of our immediate families, so we're very happy even though it's a fair bit of traveling. Luckily, to ensure that we are rested up we are coming home a couple days before break ends so that we can recover before things start up again at work.

Well, I think I'd better go get to work. Hope this post finds all of you well!

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