Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Part Two begins... As do the holidays

Well, I will admit that I got Chapter 8 of Blade's Edge up a little bit later than planned (around 10:30pm) but I did make it happen on Monday at least. Whew!

Sorry to all for the delay! The weekend was busier than I had thought and getting a good bead on Part Two before I put metaphorical pen to paper was an involved process. I'm so glad I took the time to do it though, because lots is changing in this rewrite. 

I still find it a bit weird that I'm basically "publishing" a second draft. I've had someone else read over almost every chapter before I publish it (that's after I do a my crazy rewrite, followed by yet another read through by moi), and then I read it over yet again after they give me their corrections, but still, it's really just the second draft of this novel and that feels... like cheating. Shhhh... Don't tell anyone.

Yet when I compare my chapters with all of the top voted stories on JukePop I find that my editing seems to be at least on par with (if not ahead of) the people who are finding the most success on the site, so that's reassuring.

In related news: When last I checked I had 93 votes on JukePop Serials, which puts my novel at 108th place out of around 500 novels. Woot! That makes me happy. I'm looking forward to breaching the 100 vote mark and possibly shooting into the top 100 places over the next couple weeks. Wouldn't that be fun? How about shooting into the top 30? That would be fun AND lucrative at the same time. Sweet!

Anyway, the holidays are starting up soon (my last day of teaching for this calendar year is Wednesday) and for us this year, that means a lot of traveling. We're going to see both families this year, the Canadians and the Americans, so it's a lot of time with my butt in a plane. This, secretly, works in your favor (assuming you're reading/enjoying Blade's Edge), because me stuck on a plane = me editing novel. Yay!

At any rate, I hope to post fairly consistently over the holidays, mainly because I have more free time than usual. That said, actually spending time with family is important (especially when you've shelled out a bunch of dosh for plane tickets just to do so) so if I don't post as many new chapters as you're hoping, I hope you'll forgive me for not acting like a total hermit over my vacation. 

In the meantime, I am preparing myself mentally for Canadian winter weather (and also by spending money on the interwebs in exchange for warmer clothes/boots) so that we can have an enjoyable winter holiday in the land of Curling. At least we're guaranteed a white christmas!

Our excursions in the US will be substantially warmer, but equally filled with hot toddies and good food, and we're really looking forward to the double christmas. 

Well, I'm about to fall asleep, so I think this is where I will leave you all. Please enjoy Blade's Edge Chapter 8 (also known as: Part Two: Chapter 1) and have happy holidays! Don't forget to +vote!

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