Wednesday, February 11, 2015

In Which I Blog About Not Blogging...

I took an unintentional hiatus from blogging because I decided to blog about some things other than: "Hey, here's what I've been up to for the past few days." However, even though I started writing a couple of those posts, I keep getting distracted and not finishing them.

Then, I got sick and didn't work on anything for a few days. Now, I'm getting over being sick, but my brain doesn't feel up to writing anything overly intelligent (I've been reading and resting lately and that's about all I seem up to for now). So, instead I will post a few links to things that have kept me entertained while ill:

For those of you who are in the publishing industry, or just curious about it, I recommend this article by Hugh Howey analyzing indie and trad book sales:

For those of you who enjoy playing games on your mobile devices, I found this one to be well worth the $3.99, but only if you enjoy RPGs:

For those who enjoy reading blogs that are witty and entertaining, here is a favorite blogger of mine's post about her recent adventures in blood donation:

And, for those who like blogs that are witty and also describe how to make orgasmically delicious food (did I just type that? Hmm...) there is this:

I am now returning to being sick and will try to write things that are more intelligent for you in the near future. I leave you with two photos from my first ever curling adventure:

I'm so Canadian now it's sickening. ;-P


  1. Being both sick and sickening, that's a lot of sickness.

  2. Still trying to comment: 1. Glad you're feeling better (2. Kudos re. your best sellerdom!

  3. Huzzah! my last effort is "up." One thing I must question: what largish animal is the person in curling pic 2 wearing around her neck?