Friday, October 3, 2014

Revisions, Kickstarter and Jukepop

Oh blog readers... I really really want to create some awesome original content for you this week, but my soul is being given over to the Kickstarter for the time being. So here is a link to the 9th update which includes a video of yours truly, some stats (we saw an over 25% jump from yesterday!) and some of the haiku that I've been writing for promotion.

Kickstarter update #9

Soon, very soon,  I will have awesomeness to tell you about my revision process.

In the meantime, you should also know that I finished the whole entire second revision (ie. the Jukepop Serial version) of Blade's Edge on Monday of last week. Here's the link to that video as well.

For now I am off to eat the lunch that I keep putting off, have a shower, and get ready to bike through the cold, rainy, wind to get to a volunteer gig I have tonight.

Here's a what the "office" looked like last week. Looking a lot drabber today. :-(

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