Monday, October 6, 2014

In which revision eats my blog post...

Well, I'd apologize for not having more of an update today, but it's for a very good cause: I spent the time that I would have spent blogging on the prep work for the final revision of Blade's Edge. Between Saturday night during down time at my volunteer gig, and Sunday during the times that I wasn't writing college recommendations or feeding myself, and this morning when I wasn't busy drumming up Kickstarter backers or carefully preparing the information my cover artist needs to get to work on his sketches, I worked on prep for the final revision, and I'm now over a quarter of the way done with the prep work! Considering that was probably a total of 9 hours worth of work so far, that's a pretty good indicator that prep shouldn't take more than a week! Yay!

I have a nice big video to share with you guys about the revision process, but it's a bit long and I am on borrowed wifi at the mall, which isn't exactly speedy. So expect that as soon as my home wifi is restored... Not sure when that will be.

In Kickstarter news: We are 96% funded!!!!!! (Ok we're shy of 96% by a dollar, but I'm going to go ahead and count it)! Since Kickstarter has begun counting down the amount of time we have left in hours instead of days (were down to 42 hours for anyone wondering) it seems like great timing!

This morning the kickstarter haiku was:

Coffee fuels writing 
money produces my book 
forty eight hours left!

For those unaware I've been writing at least one kickstarter haiku per day and posting it to twitter/facebook.

I think there was a time when I said I would post three Haiku a day til the end of the project. Then upon further reflection that seemed like it would be spammy. Now that we're down to counting time til the end of the campaign in hours I think I might reconsider my stance on that. If you see extra haiku in the next 42 hours... consider yourself warned.

On that note: does anyone else want to write some haiku for the project? Post them here for all of us to see! Or include @gwendamned in the tweet, or tag Virginia McClain in the facebook post. It would be fun to see what other people come up with. My haiku are pretty terrible and I would be happy to borrow someone else's. ;-)

Alright, I'm going to get back to revision work. Sorry this post is short. More soon!

Tatsu approves of Kickstarter Haiku!

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