Monday, November 25, 2013

Chapter 2 of Blade's Edge and Some Explaining

Hey all, chapter two of Blade's Edge is now up on JukePop Serials, so if you're curious to know what's happening with Mishi and Taka, go check that out. Please remember that you can't read chapter 2 (or further) without creating a free JukePop account. I know people aren't that excited about creating more accounts for themselves, but it's the "price" you pay for being able to read this particular novel. In addition, by creating an account (which, if you would rather consolidate and not have to remember another username and password, you can create by just signing in with your existing Facebook account) you enable yourself to +vote stories (this is the most important part for me as the more people who +vote my story the more likely I am to earn monthly cash prizes), write reviews and comments, and add books to your bookshelf. My writing isn't the only good writing on JukePop serials, so you might look into some of the other stories while you're at it.

So here's some information on how JukePop works for those of you who are interested in the details:

  • it's a collection of serials, so anything you read is being published one chapter at a time
  • how often chapters are published is up to the discretion of the author (though the minimum is one chapter per month) - in my case the book is already written so it's up to how quickly I can revise/rewrite/edit 
  • stories are +voted by readers and ranked by popularity (which is why it's so important to me that you +vote my work)
  • the 30 top ranked stories each month are paid cash rewards (which is why I'd like EVERYONE I know to read and +vote my story and recommend it to their friends)
  • you can +vote every chapter and the +votes are cumulative so that's very helpful to whatever author you're following
  • if you like a serial you can add it to your "bookshelf" and whenever the author adds a new chapter you will get a notification in your e-mail (this notification can be turned off in settings if you'd rather not have notifications clogging up your inbox)
  • JukePop pays all of its authors for the first chapter published on a per word basis, however payment after that first chapter is based entirely on popularity
  • JukePop accounts are tied to twitter accounts and updates are spread through Twitter. Consequently, I have created a twitter account (sigh) and so if you're into that sort of thing, you can follow me.
  • JukePop sports a "support the author" button at the bottom of each chapter. If you click it you can donate money to authors you like. The default is $5, but it can be changed to anything as low as $1 and... I'm not sure if there's an upward limit.
As you can imagine, I'm excited any time someone other than my close friends and family enjoys my writing, and particularly excited when someone chooses to pay me for it, so I'm very happy about this publication. However, the most exciting thing about this opportunity is the chance to broaden my reader base. The best way to do that on JukePop is to gain new readership by making it onto the front pages of the website by having lots of +votes (reviews are also helpful). 

If I can increase my reader base now using JukePop, then that will make my next more traditional publishing experience all the more successful. So please, please, please tell all your friends about JukePop and get them to sign up and read my story (and other authors too, while we're at it).  

For those wondering, I am still pursuing more traditional publishing efforts with my other novels. I am currently knee deep in the revision of Gwendamned, the writing of a new novel, and the writing and revision of numerous short stories. I will keep everyone posted on those, but of course, you'll also be seeing a lot of JukePop updates here. 

Alright. I'm off to edit some more of Blade's Edge, so that people can find out what's happening with Mishi and Taka, and then I have to get some work done on my new novel. Hope everyone else is doing well and enjoying getting ready for Turkey day! I'm thankful for so much this year! 

In the next few days I might get a chance to include an update on that whole 12 days in the Grand Canyon thing that I get up to every year, so keep an eye out for that too. (Short answer: it went well.) 


  1. Apparently my comment didn't work? I will try again.
    Where can I read chapter 1! I can't start at chapter 2!

  2. Gavin, you can find the first chapter here: