Saturday, October 20, 2012

Randomness and a really good speech...

First, my apologies for the lapse in blogging but this week has been quite busy. Lots of preparation for my two weeks in the Grand Canyon coming up along with getting students wrapped up with the first term and ready for final exams. I've tallied up my itinerary and it looks like we'll be doing a grand total of 74.2 miles over 10 days and 49.2 of those miles will be with full backpacks on (packs will weigh between 50-70lbs). Woot! I'm going to be in excellent shape just in time for Thanksgiving gluttony, score! On a more somber note...

Lots has been going on this week politically and I have no interest in jumping on the bandwagon with analyzing the presidential debates. There's so much ridiculousness from both parties that I wouldn't even know where to start and I certainly don't want to rehash any of it here. 

Yet there are some political issues that I feel strongly enough to share my views on. Gay rights is one of them. I'm not a fan of legalizing treating people like second class citizens. Apparently neither is this guy: 

Please watch the video to it's conclusion or you'll miss the good bit. 

I normally refrain from sharing my political views online because I think that people are inundated with enough of that without finding it in unexpected places; such as a blog by a writer that is generally just a blog about life and writing. However, equal rights for all humans is something I feel rather strongly about, and how we can still be discriminating against so many different minorities in a country that claims to be the leader of the free world disturbs me to no end. 

I think the Reverend in that video makes the point far more eloquently than I am making it here, so I'll just let you watch that video a second time, savor the awesomeness, and I will go to bed.

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  1. Very clever device for making his point, but I thought he carried it too far, leaving not enough time to clarify his real stance.....hmmmm ??????