Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Did I just wash curtains?

My mom would be so proud; I just threw my curtains into the washing machine, by choice, because I thought they were a little too covered in dog fur and red dirt to be presentable for a guest that's coming to visit. That feels a little too grown up.

In the meantime the rest of the house is immaculate and I think all is ready for our guest. The husband is taking a nap and I am considering going for a run, the only problem is that all my running clothes are currently in the dryer... They've been in there a while though so I might be able to dig some out.

I've been pretty good about writing and about working out, but this week has been thrown slightly by parents' weekend and the subsequent long weekend. I didn't get a run in yesterday (though I got in a decent hike) but I'd like to get one in today if possible. Which means instead of typing this I should be off running. So, I guess I'll go.

I'll let you know how the curtains turn out.

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