Monday, September 3, 2012

World Renowned!

Well, I know I threatened to post parts of completed writing today, but that hasn't worked out. Turns out I had to prep all of my classes (silly day job!) and spend time with other humans (silly social obligations) and while I did get a fair bit of writing done, I didn't get a chance to pick out something to show you.

Instead, I wanted to point out that here on only the second day of my new blog going up, I have gotten visits from six different countries! Woot! We will, of course, pretend that I don't have friends all over the world. We will not, of course, mention that all of the hits on this blog have come from the facebook and google + links that I posted. We will, therefore, pretend that I am actually world famous and not just a person with lots of friends in different countries who were kind enough to visit my page.


We will also glory in how stalkeresque the stats page for this site is! Do you feel somewhat self conscious knowing that I can tell what countries you've visited my site from? Would you feel even more self conscious if you knew that I can also tell what browser you're using?

Well you shouldn't feel too creeped out. I can only tell what country you've visited from, not what part of that country, and I can tell what browser and where the link you followed originated (if you followed one), but that's about it. As it happens, my old website, which I used to pay for, enabled me to not only see what country you were visiting from, but would drop a freaking PIN on a MAP showing me where you were, like down to the area of the city you lived in. Now that was creepy. Fear not, I have no such stalking abilities with this site.

So, for those who are fond of statistics (or just numbers): yesterday I wrote 1,272 words. Today, which was largely spent doing research in preparation for writing (do you have any idea just how many water deities are out there in the world's mythology?) I wrote 537 words. Then I had to do work that I actually get paid for. I do still have plans to write more today, but I have to go to bed soon, so I doubt that I'll break 700 before bed.

Ah well, I'll do better tomorrow. Tomorrow I hope to break 2000 words (for the day that is). Wish me luck!