Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rain, and Summer Afternoons...

...or why I've named my blog after them.

September brings many important events with it. It's the first month after the month in which I turned thirty, it contains International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the school year really gets going, it rains a lot here in the desert, and I decided to challenge myself to write between 20 and 30 short stories this month. 

All of those things are positive. Turning thirty is no big deal and stepping into the month after my birthday is kind of fun, like starting a new adventure; what's this life thing like on the other side of 30? International Talk Like a Pirate day is one of the best holidays ever, because, let's be honest, what beats dressing up like a pirate? Only talking like one all day. The school year getting going is always a fun experience with new students arriving curious and slightly afraid, returning students arriving excited about the year (and yes, the school I work at is awesome enough that the returning students were truly excited about coming back) and new twists on old activities. The rain is a much needed life bringer in the desert and it makes for blissfully cool days if it stays cloudy. As for my self-imposed challenge, writing is always a good thing in my life and this time I have big plans. 

I've named the project "Rain on a Summer's Afternoon" because the first short story written for the project (first draft completed today) is inspired by the current weather we're enjoying, and said story may also bear that name. In the meantime, I like the title enough to name this website after it. After all, summer rains are my all time favorite weather phenomenon, perhaps closely seconded by giant winter snowfalls. You may have noticed that both of these weather phenomena share one common thread: they are fun to play in. Puddle jumping, splashing through newly formed creeks, dancing in the rain and rolling in the mud are all high on my list of things to do when it's warm enough. Making snow forts, running through untouched snowfields, hour long snowball fights, making snow creatures, playing with dogs in the snow and skiing and/or snowboarding are also high on my list of things to do. It's a tough call between the two events really... who knows, perhaps when winter comes I'll change the title of this blog to "Snow on a Winter's Morning." The only problem is that we don't get much snow where I live, but summer rains? We get plenty of those... well, enough anyway.

I suppose I ought to introduce myself for those who've never read any of my stuff before. My name is Virginia McClain and... I'm a writer. I'm a lot of other things too, but if you asked me what the one thing I couldn't live without aside from air, water, food and the ability to go play outside the answer might well be writing. Well, reading would be up there as well, as would numerous forms of exercise, my husband, my dog... Jeeze it's easy for that list to spiral out of control. The fact that writing is my gut reaction to that question should tell you something though. 

Blech... writing about myself in biography form always seems so... well dull. Despite the content, which I at least find quite interesting. Perhaps I'll make my next entry an interview with myself. Yes, that sounds reasonable. Talking to myself is always entertaining. Hopefully no one will question my sanity overly since the interview will be in writing and with a purpose. People seem willing to overlook a great deal of "crazy" as long as it's in writing. 


  1. Wow, Lee/Virginia/Gwen, You are more multi-facted than any of the rocks you climb. I knew you were an accomplished writer, but I never knew HOW accomplished till now. I'm so happy to be able to follow this blog!

    Your fan,

  2. Thanks, Clarinda! I don't know if I'm all that accomplished. Enthusiastic might be more accurate. But thanks for reading and thanks for the encouragement!