Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm in the desert and writing to you from the past...

Well folks,

Today's blog post is coming to you from last Friday night. I have safely made it to Arizona and am (at the time of writing this) among friends and preparing for a two week excursion with ten high school students and one other faculty member. However, by the time you read this (yay for scheduling posts on blogger, facebook, and twitter) I will be in the desert, camping, not using a watch, rock climbing during the day, and scribbling furiously at night.

This post then, exists as a strange marker in time. To let you know that on Friday night I was contemplating the fact I wouldn't be able to write a blog post next week, but that I wanted you all to know what I was up to...

But, as I can't really give you any details on a future that hasn't happened yet, here are some things to keep an eye out for later in November.
  • a more detailed post about how ComiCon went
  • a video about the pros and cons of both publishing routes (traditional and independent)
  • an update on my ever increasing word counts for both of my works in progress (teaser: I'm at around 45,000 combined right now)
  • pictures of the southwest
  • long silences
You'll note that the last one in the list suggests that there may be some waiting involved in this month's updates. This post will go out into the interwebs even though I'll be away from technology for a week. However, subsequent posts are... not yet written. Nor are the videos recorded. So, those will be created in the future, and posted when I have internet again. In other words... sporadically.

Also, in case you missed it, I was featured on a NaNoWriMo spotlight last week over on The Kelworth Files. So have a look at that:

Hope this missive finds everyone well. I'll post again with some photos and details when I return to the land of internet in a week and a half. Happy Fall!

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