Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Return to Civilization...

Things I have accomplished since returning to "civilization" (keeping in mind I'm still in the middle of this trip with high school students, just no longer in the middle of the wilderness):

  • taken a shower
  • used a toilet that flushes
  • sifted through 74 unread emails
  • written to friends and family to let them know I'm alive
  • eaten food I didn't cook myself
  • taken a shower
I haven't actually showered twice yet. We've only been out of the wilderness for a handful of hours. But showering was so glorious I felt it deserved to be mentioned twice.

Catching up with the news has not been pleasant... Civilization does not seem so civilized when the news is full of death and violence. I am so deeply saddened to hear about the attacks on Paris. I may be a writer, but I don't have words to express the sorrow, anger, and grief I feel on behalf of the people of Paris. 

I wish I had more to say on the subject or could happily switch to a lighter topic, but I find I can't. My thoughts are with Paris, the victims, and their families. 

I hope everyone I know is well at this moment and able to hold their loved ones close. 


  1. I hear you about the double-value of showering. Sometimes it's the best part of the day, any day, even when a person's not totally skanky. So you're not into composting toilets? I'm good with the fancy kind where it all goes into a pipe that does into the ground, but I'm not crazy about the ones that are a box atop a pot.

    1. As a matter of fact I'm a huge fan of composting toilets. However, I spent the week pooping into an ammo can. So, that was... less fun.

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