Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pitchwars Mentee-hopefuls Blog Hop

Hey regular readers, this year I'm participating in a bit of literary madness known as Pitchwars. If you are unfamiliar with this event then please click on this link to find out what it's all about.

If you aren't participating in Pitchwars this post may not interest you, but as it will be a somewhat quirky introduction to me, it might anyway. I leave it to your discretion.

For those wondering, I'm submitting an adult fantasy-ish novel for #pitchwars. (Are there any other "Adult" mentees out there? I feel like I'm all alone in this category.)

This is me, hiding behind a book.

  • Virginia are you the kind of person who conducts imaginary interviews with herself?
    Yes, yes I am. I've been known to interview myself with one of my characters asking the questions, or as in this case, simply asking myself questions directly. 
  • Do you realize that makes you a bit of head case?
    Of course! I've come to embrace this part of my personality. Honestly, if I didn't have a million characters talking to each other in my head on a regular basis (or my own voice narrating my life as it happens--but inevitably making it sound cooler than it actually is) I wouldn't need to write, and, in case it's not already clear, I NEED to write. It's not really much of a choice, it keeps me from getting locked up.
  • And you're in no way ashamed of this?
    Certainly not. The world would be a far less exciting place without a healthy dose of weirdos keeping things interesting. Without us it's all reality TV and wrestle-mania.
  • Are you suggesting that wrestle-mania doesn't require weirdos?
    There is no safe way to answer that question. Please move on.
  • Are you afraid of people who watch wrestle-mania?
    I have a healthy respect for anyone with such a strong capacity for suspended disbelief.
  • How did we get onto the subject of wrestle-mania?
    I blame the scotch.
  • Can we get back on the topic of this Pitchwars business?
    Certainly. People are bound to wander off to read something more interesting if we don't rein it back in a bit.
  • What makes you an interesting Pitchwars mentee?
    I don't know that I am one. Honestly, it seems like this whole affair is filled with interesting people who are excellent writers. I don't know that I've got anything exceptional to offer except quirkiness, a fondness for canines, a compulsion for playing outdoors, and a ridiculous penchant for taking on challenges. 
  • Could you possibly tell us anything more concrete about yourself? That last bit was fairly vague.
    Sure, but... well I always feel awkward talking about myself. Hmmm... facts that might be interesting to others... I've lived in five different countries and seven different states. I've driven through all 48 contiguous US states. I speak a couple languages that aren't English. I taught languages for 10 years straight. I used to teach SAT prep. I've had more than one man propose to me within minutes of our acquaintance due to my knowledge of video games and penchant for violence.
  • Do you actually have a penchant for violence?
    Not really. Well, sort of. I like training in martial arts, and I enjoy sparring quite a bit. I don't actually enjoy hurting anyone, and I am not a fan of violence as a solution to anything. That said, I played men's lacrosse for eight years and women's rugby for two, and... I can shoot a bow and arrow (not very well) and a gun (better, but still nothing to write home about).
  • So... the guys with the instant proposals?
    Navy guys. Does that answer the question? Probably not. Just... I don't know. Why are we talking about this?
  • You brought it up.
    Umm... next topic?
  • What do you have to offer any mentor who might be interested in you?
    I firmly believe that my manuscript is in need of a lot of work, so when my (hypothetical) mentor tells me what needs to be fixed I will enthusiastically (but critically) embrace that feedback and make changes. Also, I can tell you all the best places to go backpacking in the Grand Canyon, and give you some solid tips for rock climbing in the southwestern US. 
  • Do you honestly think anyone cares about those last bits?
    Probably not. I also have an adorable dog that I'm more than happy to share pictures of.
  • Did you just end a sentence in a preposition?
    Yes. And with a cheeky level of defiance, I might add.
  • Is that the scotch talking again?
    Quite possibly.
  • What are you looking for in a mentor?
    Someone who will give me brutally honest feedback about my manuscript (and query letter, and synopsis), who has a sense of humor, and who has gotten this far into this interview without deciding I'm a total nut job (at least, not in a bad way). 
  • Anything else you'd like to add?
    Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you've gotten this far I will now reward you with photos of my dog and some scenic pictures of the southwest.
  • How much scotch have you had tonight?
    Shhh... This interview is over. No more questions! 
First the promised adorable canine.

And here she is IN the southwest (two for one)!

Cathedral Rock

Blooming agave

Cathedral Rock again, this time with surrounding scenery

Cacti are prettier than you expect

Artemis (the aforementioned adorable canine) confused by snow in May. 

Thanks to everyone who has helped to make pitchwars a thing (Brenda Drake, Mentors, all the other people who are instrumental to its workings but whose names I don't know...). Everyone involved in its creation is wonderful and deserves our respect and appreciation. Thank you pitchwars! 

And thanks to everyone who has read this far! 

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  1. Interview. Love it. After I posted my bio (somehow twice...cringe), I thought I should have organized it as an interview instead. Maybe next year. :)
    Your dog is gorgeous. And I'm super jealous you speak multiple languages. Best of luck in Pitch Wars!

    1. Thanks! And thanks for complimenting my dog. I'm a big fan, but obviously I'm quite biased. :-) Best of luck to you as well! Thanks for stopping by!