Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rain on a Summer's Afternoon Short Story Collection is Now for Sale!

Well, it's finally happened. Rain on a Summer's Afternoon: a Collection of Short Stories is on sale now on amazon! The ebook edition is available right now, and the paperback will be available in two weeks' time.

Click either of those links to get your copy, or simply search for "Rain on a Summer's Afternoon" or "Virginia McClain" once you're on the amazon webpage.

If you lose track of this post, never fear, see the link that says "books" over there to the right? It will always take you to a page with the latest updates on whatever books I have available for purchase.

Whew! That was a surprising amount of formatting work. Actually, the ebook was fairly simple (once I got the hang of compiling my scrivener documents the right way) but the paperback formatting has been very nit-picky and there's still more to do.

This isn't the monumental accomplishment that getting one of my novels all the way to publication would be, but it still feels like a really solid step into my career as an author, and I'm pretty excited about the whole thing.

I hope you enjoy the short stories! (And if you do, please leave a review.)

I'm off to get those novels into publishing shape. Happy Tuesday!

This is the ebook cover for now. The paperback cover will be different!

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