Thursday, October 18, 2018

Pre-orders available for ebook AND print!

My new Victoria Marmot urban-fantasy-with-a-hint-of-parody series is launching in just four more days and I am so very excited to announce that not only can you pre-order the ebooks everywhere that ebooks are sold, but you can even pre-order the paperbacks at your favorite online retailer. (Like, seriously, even my local indie has the pre-order link on their website, how cool is that?)

So, links? Covers? Here we go. Have a banner.... umm... I'm writing this on my phone so I think the banner is at the top. Meanwhile.... links!

Amazon: print and ebook
B&N: print and ebook
McNally Robinson: print
Everywhere else: ebook (search for Victoria Marmot on your preferred site for print if it's not one of the above; luckily, she has a unique name).

Other than that... well, life has been rather crazy actually... some good, some bad. I'll tell you more later, but be sure to come see me at GeekGirlCon if you're anywhere near Seattle on the 27th and 28th! I'll be at booth #814 all weekend as well as running a panel on Sunday at 4pm called Moms Who Geek! (Or How to Pursue Your Passions Even After You Procreate) Please, come say hi!

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