Wednesday, September 20, 2017

New Book, New Blog!

Well, folks, we're less than one month away from Traitor's Hope's release date, and things are pretty exciting in my office (read: living room). Today, I took the liberty of revamping this blog's design, making the focus on the new art for Traitor's Hope rather than the Blade's Edge cover art. Why you ask? Well, because I like to switch things up, and something about the old look felt too cluttered somehow.

In even more exciting news, Traitor's Hope has gotten its first few reviews via NetGalley, and one of them is up on Goodreads for all the world to see. These reviews have been quite positive, and have made me incredibly happy for a number of reasons, not least of which is that they've referred to my writing as "excellent." Here, you can check out the Goodreads review for yourself:

Bonus gratification comes from the fact that the reviewer found the book to be a perfectly acceptable standalone, without having read Blade's Edge. This makes me enormously happy, because she's not going to be the only person who does that, and it's important that it holds up without the first book. I'm so happy to hear that it does.

Meanwhile, the MOST exciting news comes from the fact that the 75 copies of Traitor's Hope needed for this book launch (and also comicon) arrived today, and they are glorious. Here is video of me doing the "unboxing." (And yes, I cut the box open first, because cutting it open with one hand while holding my phone in the other didn't seem like a good idea, especially with a baby looking on.)

I'm so excited to deliver these to McNally Robinson tomorrow so that they can set up a display from now until the launch. YAY!

Oh, and one last thing. Blade's Edge now is only 2.99 over on amazon, in case you still haven't read it yet.

More soon!

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