Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Quick Update to Let Folks Know I'm Still Around...

Well folks, just a quick note here to let you all know that I have not actually fallen off the face of the planet.

Things have gotten quite busy. I need to finish my revisions for Traitor's Hope in the next week because I need to start a new translation project on August 1st.

Also, Speck is set to arrive in less than 8 weeks.

Furthermore, I am about to disappear on a two week road trip starting on Saturday.

In other words, you may not hear from me for a while, but I'm still around and working furiously to bring you the Blade's Edge sequel by the end of October at the latest (I hope).

So, here are some ways you can keep up with what's happening with me.

1. The pregnancy blog is likely to receive some form of update even during the road trip because it falls apart if I don't keep up with some semblance of weekly updates. So, if you want to make sure I'm still doing well you can go check that out.

2. My Patreon patrons will still be getting new chapters of the Victoria Marmot webserial. So if you miss my writing that's a great place to check it out. (For as little as a dollar a month you can have exclusive access to the Victoria Marmot webserial. Chapter 7 goes up today and there will be at least two more chapters going up in August.)

3. My facebook author page... if you haven't liked it already, you'll find that it's where I always post updates from this blog, as well as reminders for in person events for writing etc. While on this road trip it may well get the occasional photo update etc. so if you're worried you haven't seen me in a while you can check there.

4. My twitter feed. I have been known to post random things there as well, even while traveling.

Ok. I think that sums up the ways you can track me down while on holiday, so if you need your fix please check out any of those options. Meanwhile, I will try to post a full report of the trip when I return if I'm not too buried in translation work.

Off to revise Traitor's Hope!

Here's a shot of Artemis enjoying summer, just to tide you over.

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