Monday, December 14, 2015

Winter Travels and Some Random Facts...

Did you know that penguins have knees? True story. They're just tucked inside their little bodies. Either that, or someone on the internet has been having fun with photoshop. But there are lots of images supporting this, so people have really been making an effort if that's the case.

This information brought to you by a delayed airline departure during holiday travels. 
Thanks, interwebs.

In other, related news the husband and I are off to visit family in the US. Yay! I'm very much looking forward to seeing my family and eating lots of food. Let, the festivities begin!

For those of you who missed it, I posted some new videos to my youtube channel. And you can check them out at any time by clicking that link or the link that sits in the left hand bar on over there. Just a reminder that those videos are probably only entertaining if you're interested in the publishing process, but if you just like watching me be goofy on camera you might enjoy some of them anyway. ;-) 

As the holidays are upon us, I've joined the rest of the entrepreneurs around the world in discounting some things that you can buy. Namely, the Blade's Edge ebook (for kindle) is down to $2.99 (normally $4.99) from now until December 26th. If you have a reader in your life who enjoys women with swords, fantasy, and anything related to samurai or feudal Japan please consider getting them a copy as a gift. You can gift kindle ebooks to people, and the trade paperback is only $11.99* (normally $15.99), plus amazon is offering a one time 25% discount on paperback book orders! 

*ETA: My price change for the paperback went through faster than I thought, so the paperback is on sale too! (Also 'til the 26th)

Just FYI if you're looking for other formats of ebook you might notice that I no longer have the book for sale via kobo, nook, or bookbaby. There's a long story behind that, but the short version is that bookbaby was not an effective distributor and I have canceled my business dealings with them in order to manage all versions of the ebook myself. I will be trying out KDP Select with Blade's Edge for a bit, and then you may see it go back to other retailers in the future. In the meantime, you can still buy the print book from just about anywhere. (If you are a Nook owner and would like an epub copy of Blade's Edge please contact me! I would be happy to get you an epub copy for the same price as the current kindle edition pricing, and you can pay via paypal.) 

Ok. That's enough commercialism. I'm excited to go visit family for the next two weeks and I hope everyone out there is able to do the same whether it requires traveling or not. Happy Winter, folks! May your days be full of good food, good company, and interesting conversation!

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