Sunday, September 20, 2015


Well, folks! Things have been busy, and I don't have anything all that interesting to say except to give some updates on how things are going.
I'm working on some behind the scenes web stuff that should be useful including setting up a newsletter that will deliver a free short story to all subscribers as well as announcements of new releases and discounts on already published works. You can sign up for it right now by clicking here, or by clicking the link that says "Virginia's Newsletter" in the left hand column.  
I'm also working on consolidating my web addresses to make everything more streamlined. But I will let you know when that's happening for good.
I've also been getting lots of promotional materials ready for this book fair in Toronto, including some banners and posters and such. (If you're going to be in Toronto on the 27th make sure you swing by the Harbor Front Center and come say hi, we'll be at booth #101 -Word On The Street, TO
And, I have also been keeping up with my write 2,000 words a day challenge! Check out my word count bar for both WIPs:
Total words written since Sept. 15th
For the breakdown on each story
click here
It feels really good to be writing new material consistently, and I'm really starting to get into both of these stories. I can't wait to finish the rough drafts so that I can start the revision process and get them on track to publication. 
I'm also writing a fun guest blog post for a book blogger that will go up on October 11 (a little ways off yet) but keep an eye out for that in a few weeks. I'll post a link to it from this site on the day it goes up. Let's see... what else.... 
That may be it for now. Life continues to be busy, wonderful, and full of beautiful moments. My days have been greatly improved by this commitment to write more new words everyday. I was definitely starting to feel a bit stifled by doing only revision. Once I finish off these first drafts there's another big revision project that I might get started on just to give me some space from these new stories before I look at them with an editing eye. So much to do, so little time. 
And when the next book is ready to launch, I've got some brand new (to me) techniques that I'll be using to make an even bigger splash than Blade's Edge did. :-) (I have also been spending some time lately learning new marketing strategies, but that's not really something I want to bore you guys with the details of.)
The weather this week has been lovely, and Artemis and I have managed to get a couple of days in at the outdoor office, oh, and we 'opened a new branch' of the outdoor office at a local cafe too. Check out the two views:

And that's it, I was mostly just excited about my progress with new writing. I'll try to make sure the next blog post is way more exciting! Hope everyone is having a lovely fall.


  1. Ha! Love the new open office ;)
    I find revision a bit restricting at times too, it just doesn't beat the freedom of the fresh page, but that's when I get sidetracked and I find myself muttering excuses as to why I haven't made any progress :(
    (and this morning I've clicked straight on my emails instead of straight to writing - I thought I'd cured myself of that.)

    1. Ha! I do that too (the e-mails before writing thing) but in my case it's planned. My brain needs to warm up first. And I used to find revision more restrictive before I took Holly Lisle's HTRYN course, but now I don't mind it as much. It's just that I had been forcing myself for months to work solely on revision of a novel that I belatedly realized I wasn't that into. And so had started to feel truly weighed down by it. My other revisions haven't been nearly so stifling. Go figure. :-)

  2. You wear the samurai garb like. . .well, like a warrior. A gorgeous warrior. Enjoy beautiful Toronto!

    1. Thanks, Clarinda! :-) I'm sure it will be a fun trip!