Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Acting Canadian...

The husband and I have been practicing our Canadian lately.

Well, alright, his is quite natural. It is his first culture. But, as a non-Canadian, I have to practice.

So, as a warm up to Canada day, the hubby and I went Canoe camping.

Not sure what this pose/facial expression are supposed to mean, but presumably I was caught mid reply to something...

The rig.

Our Second campsite was gorgeous. Artemis loved it.

I've had that Yankee's cap for over 20 years. Can you tell?

So, there you have it. We forgot the maple syrup, and we didn't ride any moose, but we saw lots of beaver so we felt that was a pretty good start.

For the 4th we practiced being American by getting drunk and watching TV. I guess we should have gone to a baseball game, but those cost money. 


  1. OF all the beauties in your pictures, you yourself are the beautifullest!

    1. Aww... Thanks, Clarinda. That's sweet of you to say. :-)

  2. What are the differences between the two countries?