Thursday, May 28, 2015


I'm at the start of a three week road trip visiting friends and family in the southwest. For me this is a balm to the soul, and very restorative in terms of creative motivation and inspiration.

My first stop is Colorado and while yesterday was mostly spent recovering from two solid days of driving, today I took the dog into the mountains with friends and disappeared into a world devoid of civilization. I'll get at least one more walk in the mountains in before I leave and also a lot of reuniting with old friends.

All of this is much needed and welcome. Today, it rained in the middle of the hike and I couldn't even muster up mild annoyance. In fact I enjoyed it. The mountains soothe me no matter the weather.

I made a point of not bringing my phone on the hike so I don't have any pictures from that. So here are some photos of the drive down:

North Dakota was not overly inspiring

South Dakota was slightly more promising

Especially towards sunset

Of course the actual sunset was behind me

The clouds were pretty wherever I went

And sometimes the light was amazing

This was my first sight of mountains (in the distance)

And finally up close

Between traveling and working on revisions for the book I'm hoping to release by October of this year, the next few blog posts might be largely photo based. I hope that's alright with folks.


  1. It's amazing how barren much of the country seems.

    1. Indeed, there's a whole lot of nothin' throughout much of the middle of the US.

  2. I am loving the photoLog! Keep the pix (and wry comments) coming!

    1. Thanks, Clarinda! I'll be sure to post more next week! :-)

  3. PS. Thanks for not being too mad at me for liking the "wrong" cover design. Note that I am assuming something here, i.e., that you really are not mad at me.

    1. Hahaha! Not mad at all, Clarinda. In fact, I'm happy that you liked the old cover!

  4. Hi Virginia, I found your blog on Goodreads in the Good Author/Readers group.

    Road trips are the best! You get to see so much, and I think they're very relaxing. Nice pics of the clouds. Clouds can say so much in a picture. Love them!

    P.S. My comment will post to my old blog, because I was unable to add information. This is my actual blog,

    1. Hey Denise,

      I agree. Road trips really are great for taking in the scenery. Glad you like the pictures!

      Thanks for checking out the blog!