Thursday, March 5, 2015

New ideas, new WRITING!!!

So, an article that a friend shared via social media today has triggered a crazy brainstorm of ideas for short stories, and a series of novels. I've spent the whole day so far doing research on various related topics and writing notes for this series... There are many holes, but lots of things are coming together and the short stories I plan to start with (special Kickstarter backer rewards) will help me sort out more of the framework.

Yep. Sometimes that's all it takes.

It feels like the past month has been a long phase of input and rest so that these ideas were all ready to coalesce once triggered, and one national geographic article brought it all together.

And it's kind of like a perfect storm, as this flood of ideas coincides with some other ideas I've been contemplating with various forms of crowdfunding etc, and I think I may have cooked up an interesting idea for how crowdfunding/series writing can work together, but I'm still sorting out the details and am very far from being ready to launch it. Plus there's one more book (already written and 3/4 revised) that needs to come out this year...

Lots going on, but it feels really good to be working on a new idea, and to be tying in the Kickstarter short stories to a longer term project (it makes those stories feel more meaningful to me which will make them much better stories) and it makes me feel more productive about this month as a whole.

Also this whole thing makes me feel like I've got my mojo back, which is nice. There was a brief period (also known as February) during which I felt a bit lost after having just released Blade's Edge and not being sure how to dig into my next project. Now, with some new ideas thriving, some better ideas about how to move forward with old ideas, and a new sense of momentum I feel ready to push forward with my next projects.

I'm not sure if that last paragraph will make sense to anyone but me. My apologies for that, but... well... It's the best I've got at the moment.

Anyway, here is a quick photo summary of the past week:

Adorable dogs sat on furniture at parties with delicious food
(delicious food not pictured here)

The husband, two good friends, and I competed in a rousing curling bonspiel

This quote from one of the professional reviews of Blade's Edge made some rounds on the interwebs and remains one of my favorites to date

That post that got deleted the other day is still in the works. It shall appear eventually... And now I leave you, as I have more note writing to do for my new ideas as well as a bass lesson in half an hour. See you in the next post!