Thursday, July 24, 2014

Two Late Night Pieces of News, and a Reminder...

Three awesome things:

1. I am an aunt again! All of my other siblings have children. I am officially the last childless McClain. My brother and his wife welcomed a healthy baby boy on July 22nd and everyone is doing well. YAY!

2. My collection of short stories Rain on a Summer's Afternoon can now be purchased in paperback from by following this link.

  • Can I just say how awesome it is to hold a paper copy of a collection of your own work? Made me do quite the dance of joy.

3. The latest chapter of Blade's Edge is up and ready to read! Chapter 21 (or Part Three: Chapter 5 as I like to call it) begs the question: Will Mishi kill Katagi before they even reach the Elder Council's compound?

So, those things are pretty cool, and it's late enough that I don't feel like including much else for content, but, I will remind you that coming soon is an interview with indie author A.G. Riddle. That post will happen tomorrow or Friday. So stay tuned!

I am now off to bed after I log my hours in my awesome spreadsheet. (Have I told you about my spreadsheet? Maybe I'll have to blog about that soon too.)

Good night to all! Remember, to read, comment, +vote (for Jukepop) and leave reviews on amazon! :-)

Unfortunately, I don't have any baby pics of the new nephew yet, so here is a picture of my own fur baby instead:

"Why can't I drive the bus?"