Thursday, June 12, 2014

The End of an Era...

I have been behind in keeping Blade's Edge updated. Fear not, I haven't given up. I have simply been overwhelmed with everything else going on. The last two weeks of school left no time to do anything but work (grade finals, tally and input grades, run a project for project period, be on duty almost constantly) and pack. This week has been almost entirely devoted to packing alone. All of this is the run up to the end of an era. The longer era that has ended is the following:

 I have sold my Jeep.

Darwin, as she was called, has been sold to a loving family of two humans, two canines, and two cats.

It is the end of an era because Darwin and I had been together ever since I graduated college. Over the past ten years we have had many adventures together, and indeed I have a difficult time picturing my life without her. 

The husband and I have bought a Prius instead, which, as you might imagine, gets drastically better milage and consequently will help greatly in offsetting the cost of fuel in Canada. 

I will now observe a moment of silence to mark the end of Virginia's Jeep life.


The shorter era that is in the process of ending and will be all wrapped up by the 15th with a pretty little bow on it: teaching at Verde Valley School. It has been three amazing years and I'm not quite ready to write about how my time here has affected me, but when the time comes it will be a fairly lengthy blog post. 

In the meantime, I am in the process of packing up my life here and getting ready to move on. So, though graduation was technically the end of my duties here and I am at least in theory a full time writer, until I pack up and move away from this place that is not something I have time to be. I suppose until the 15th I am a full time mover. 

On the 16th I will become a driver who will hopefully have time to write. And then, when I finally settle in Winnipeg, I will become a full time writer. 

Transitions. I love them and yet they are always so tedious. I have to finish this post now because I can't delay packing any longer. 

To change, my friends! May it always move us to become a better version of ourselves. 

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  1. We've always embraced change. Why stop now? But it is sad about Darwin.

    Love the cool house (AMAZING location on park and river) with its arches and WILD architecture. Found it on googlemaps/streetview. Can you put a Kokopelli in front of what appears to be religious art or would the neighbors object? Looks like a very French area. Hope you have neighborhood bakeries and bistros. Can't WAIT to see.