Thursday, July 4, 2013

Completed Rewrite and Other Adventures

Well, well, well... We meet again, blog reader. I have to say I didn't expect to see you here. Or really, what I mean to say is that I expected to see you much sooner. Remember when I said that I was making great progress on my rewrite? Remember when I said I thought I would be done in a few days?


Well, I was making great progress, but said progress was stopped cold by the resumption of classes and daily life and all the things that get in the way during the regular school year. So here it is, summer vacation, the day of our nation's independence no less, and what has happened? I have finally FINISHED MY REWRITE!!!

**Insert dance music, fireworks, an orchestra, some zoo animals and  a whole lot of balloons.**

That feels awesome. I kept letting life distract me from writing (which is silly, because writing is my life) and then summer came and I finally got my shit together and sat down to get it done. And really, it was all thanks to a three day road trip and my wonderful husband. The former because it gave me an excuse to sit down in front of a laptop for hours on end while the miles ticked by when it wasn't my turn to drive, and the latter because he supported me through the whole thing even after we arrived at our destination and he was so sick that we couldn't go anywhere and he really needed taking care of but he let me write anyway and even brought me soup once.

So, now after a brief break from the computer to go play outside, lie in the grass and look at the sky, and then spend a few hours struggling with the New York Times Crossword, I am here to brag about my accomplishment and to warn my first readers that their time draws near. The rewrite is well and truly finished, and while I may give it one more once over to check for comma splices, my first readers will be getting copies of the manuscript soon to help me fine tune it before I send it once more to... the interested publisher.

Yay! I could go on for ever about how happy I am to have finished this rewrite and what an accomplishment it feels like, but... that would probably bore the pants off of everyone. In the meantime, some other exciting things are happening namely: we are in Canada visiting family and friends! And... WE ARE GOING TO SCOTLAND!!! Woot!

In two weeks we'll leave for Scotland where we will adventure for three weeks and then we'll get back just in time for school to start up. It's going to be epic, and beautiful, and green and... damp. Let's be honest it probably a bit chilly and quite wet, but hey! I own rain pants for a reason my friends!  And I am truly looking forward to traipsing off through the highlands. The husband and I will be backpacking and hitchhiking ala "the great Hokkaido adventure of 2010" and we are so excited we're likely to squee. Squeee!

Ahem. Yes, well. I suppose that's enough of that. So, I may not be in touch a bunch over the next five weeks, but I will be taking notes as I travel (I always do) and I will be sure to bring back reports on all the highlights of the trip. So, at the very least look forward to that post in mid August or early September.

For now I'm going to go email my first readers about the novel and such, and maybe help the hubby rustle up some food. I hope this finds everyone well, and I am hopeful that I will post more in the coming days.

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