Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oh dear, I seem to have missed the new year...

Well, shit.

Shall I bother saying I've been busy? That seems like a horribly lame excuse for not writing, since it's always true and it only sometimes effects my ability to blog in a timely fashion. Oh well.

January was eventful in that I got a good chunk of novel editing done, I spent a lot of time running and climbing and I was sick a handful of times.

February has been eventful so far in that I kicked it off with a successful half marathon (slow, but no walking) to commemorate my torn ACL of one year ago, and that I am pushing back into the 5.11s in climbing, which is exciting territory.

Coming up this week are a bunch of exams (and consequently grading) as well as a long weekend. WOOT! We don't get any national holidays off (such as President's Day) but we get a random long weekend next weekend instead. I'll take it.

Much needs to be done still with my various novels in various stages of writing and editing. Much will be done soon.

I'm considering running a full marathon later this year and also considering trying a half-Ironman in August. I'm also working on getting my climbing in good shape for a nice long climbing trip in early June. Lots of goals, lots of things to work on. Pity I have to work full time.

It's quite late and I'm starting to fall asleep, but thought I would add this post just to get back on the blogging wagon. Here's hoping it helps me get back on.

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