Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Plans... I'm not very good at them.

Depending on what they are, I can make up a whole intricate plan that I boldly declare I will follow and then... I let life get in the way. Don't get me wrong, sometimes my excuses are really good, but you know... they're still excuses.

Take that one woman triathlon I vowed to do. I'm still planning on doing it, but... my training hasn't been nearly as strict as I had intended for it to be. And, of course, I have 'good' reasons for this. The day after I declared that I would start training for the triathlon I got hired to work on this big movie and promptly failed to do any training at all for a week. Then, I would train a couple of days out of the week, but then get hired for a few more days of movie work off and on and find myself falling off of my schedule... then I was super busy getting a friends novel ready for a reprint, then I was getting promotional supplies ready for this book fair at the end of September...

It wouldn't be impossible to keep to my training regimen even while I scramble to do all of these things, but sadly I have a tendency to have only two modes of operation: ALL IN! GO GO GO! or "Yes... I could go for a swim today... or I could read another 10 chapters of this very interesting book..."

Anyway, that isn't to say I haven't been training at all, but just that it's been a tad half-assed.

But you know what? That has never stopped me from MAKING MORE PLANS!

So, here's the other new goal I've set for myself recently:

Inspired by the intrepid Nick Bryan, I am going to write 2000 words of new material every day from now until the end of November. I've set up word counters for myself and everything. I am currently working on two new works, one a novel, one a serial. I have very different plans for each of them, but I hope to release one this fall and the next this coming Spring.

For now, here's where you can check out my word count bars: http://www.virginiamcclain.org/writing-progress

Just a heads up, one of these two works is... the sequel to Blade's Edge. I've been waiting for the story to solidify and it's finally come together well enough to put out a first draft, so that's what I'm starting on right now.

The other project is a humorous fantasy parody tentatively titled, The (Mis)Adventures of Victoria Marmot.

Also, for anyone interested, note that I've been doing a lot of work to move everything from this blog over to my other website (but still keeping the blog portion of this blog embedded on that site - allowing it to remain here in its current blogger address) so that I can merge all of my websites into www.virginiamcclain.com. For now, virginiamcclain.com points to this blog. However, if you go to virginiamcclain.org you'll see the website I'm in the process of migrating to. It's still not finished, so feel free to keep coming back here, but I'll post a big announcement when it's ready.

Also, I'm putting together a mailing list for all the folks who want to receive an e-mail whenever I release a new book, or put an old one on sale. (Plus signing up gets you a free short story.) So be sure to check that out.

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