Thursday, January 15, 2015

In Which Blade's Edge Goes to Print and I Earn My Canadian Flag...

Blade's Edge now looks like this. IN REAL LIFE!

It's done, really and truly done, and in print and able to be held in one's hands. 

Of course, due to some ridiculous printing and ordering snafus I haven't held it in my hands yet... but my editor has! And we were video chatting while she held it, so I feel like I've held it myself. Almost. At any rate I will be holding it next week, when we do the launch party at McNally's.

Just a reminder, Manitoba locals, that the launch party is on January 23rd at 7pm at McNally Robinson booksellers. There will be music, food and drinks, a reading, a signing, and a martial arts demonstration. What could be a better way to kick off your Friday night? Bring all your friends. ALL OF THEM.


So, to celebrate Blade's Edge going to print (which only finally happened this morning) the husband and I went out for breakfast, and then we drove down to the border where I stamped in as an official permanent resident of Canada.

Here's me receiving my official Canadian flag:

Yes, the goofy face is 100% required.

So, lots of official officialness happening today. The last 9 months of immigration paperwork and waiting are finally over. The book is finally printing for the launch (and will be up on amazon and ready to order by the 23rd) and all is well! 

I guess that sums it up from here. It's dinner time. Hope this finds everyone well. Happy winter! 

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