Friday, January 23, 2015

Blade's Edge officially launches! Unveiling the webstore! And surprises...

Holy paper-with-words-on-it-wrapped-in-a-pretty-picture, BATMAN! Today is the day that Blade's Edge officially joins the world. I'm giddy. It feels like it's taken a hundred years to get it here, and it feels like just yesterday that Blade's Edge was an incoherent mess of a first draft. Now I know where Dickens got his opening first paragraph for a tale of two cities.

First things first, you can now buy Blade's Edge just about everywhere you would ever buy a book. If you want to buy it at your local bookstore, simply stroll in and ask for them to look it up by author name (Virginia McClain) and title (Blade's Edge), or, if you're feeling fancy, by ISBN: 978-1503057333 and order it through the Ingram catalog.

Alternatively, if you would like it delivered straight to your door or e-reader, try any of these lovely options:

For the paperback from amazon:

For the kindle version from amazon:

For the epub or pdf versions of the ebook:

If you're a particular fan of ordering from Barnes & Noble (both paperback and Nook versions):

**I've left those links visible rather than embedding them so that anyone interested in sharing them can easily copy and paste them.**

And it's also available on a number of other sites across the internet in ebook format... So, check whatever site you like to buy books from, they've probably got it.

However, if you'd like to buy the book directly from me... Today is the day I'm unveiling my online store! Click here to check out the place to buy things that you can't find anywhere else (such as t-shirts, posters, and prints made from cover art), as well as buy my books directly from me (cutting out the middle man). And for future reference, look to the page links on the right hand side of this blog to find a permanent link to the online store.  :-D

Whew. Ok. Enough business.

Onto fun stuff!

The launch is tonight, and I need to practice the things I'm going to say a few more times. I'm nervous, but more because I'm worried I'll be speaking to an empty room than because I'm worried about what to say, or that I'll screw up.

However, last night I got a fantastic surprise that makes me less worried about having an audience. One of my best friends from Arizona flew up to Winnipeg to surprise me and come to the launch party. YAY!

I know there are going to be a lot of Canadian friends and family there, so I know it won't be an empty room anyway and I'm really appreciative of everyone who is coming out tonight, but somehow having one of my friends go through so much trouble to come here all the way form Arizona makes me not worry about the size of the audience anymore. Not sure if that makes sense at all, but that's how I feel. So, I'm going to ditch this post to go hang out with the aforementioned friend.

A big thanks to everyone reading this for all the support you've given me on this particular journey. I appreciate all of you, and I can't wait to share pictures from tonight with you. I hope this post finds everyone well. Happy LAUNCH DAY! ;-P


  1. Daaayum, I'm jealous. First thing I'm doing when I go to work today (I work at one of the book stores you mentioned) is look up your book in our catalog. And maybe purchase it. Maybe.

    Massive congrats. :)

    1. Thanks, Kevin! I'm not sure how I missed this until just now (except that of course that day was a ridiculous blur, and this is the first time I've looked back at this post since then), but thank you!

  2. OGM, you our so rite on with you're advise about highering a pfofessional editer!

    Seriously, Virginia, is there any way BhB can link to your great and powerful and TRUE esay on editing? If you help me figure out how to do this, and of course grant your permission first, I will say, Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and it is YOU!
    Your fan, writer/editor/Engl prof who cannot edit her own work,

    1. Hey Clarinda, yes you can certainly link to that post. I will e-mail you the link and if you need any help posting it, just let me know! :-)