Thursday, September 27, 2012

A small taste of some of my most recent work...

Here's a very short excerpt from one of my most recent short stories:

The anklets were delicate works of art, finely crafted, the small metal beads brushed off of each other to make the sound of a million stars twinkling in a midnight sky, the sound of frost forming on an icicle, the subtle music of nature, a sound to touch the soul. She hated them with all that she was. 


  1. I was getting worried! SEriously, I don't know how you do it all--write, climb, teach, "wife," all of which could be fulltime jobs. Love the tiny excerpt; I hear those anklets too. (I have a friend/poet/former student who teaches belly dancing, so for me the last sentence comes as quite a shock. Shock is good. Writing is NOT about making the reader feel comfy. Thanks, Lee!--Clarinda

  2. Thanks, Clarinda! I know what you mean, I love the sound of those tiny bells, but this character has her reasons. I might post a larger portion of this story soon. I'm very much enjoying this character and think she might wind up being a protagonist in some future novel.