Virginia's YouTube Channel

Here are the YouTube videos that Virginia has published so far, and a list of planned videos to follow. (Note that the planned videos are not in order of planned publication.)

Intro video, published 10/23/2015

NaNoWriMo video, published 10/30/2015

Writer vs. Indie author - job description, published 11/1/2015

Trad vs Indie Pros and Cons
Part I, published 12/10/2015

Trad vs Indie Pros and Cons
Part II, published 12/10/2015

Planned videos (in no particular order):

  • Tools of the trade - or Why scrivener is the bomb diggity
  • Kickstarter - why?
  • Kickstarter - how?
  • Kickstarter - the aftermath
  • Goodreads - why you need an account
  • NetGalley - how to, and how not to
  • DIY Graphic Design - 1. resources - free stock images, gimp, canva, etc.
  • DIY Graphic Design - 2. things to avoid - low res, color clash, too much text
  • DIY Graphic Design - 3. when to hire someone else - covers!, posters, things that will cost you money if you mess up
  • Midlist and BookBub things to know
  • Marketing and Promotion 101
  • Facebook dos and don’ts
  • Twitter dos and don’ts
  • Pinterest - how does this even work?
  • Blogging - tips and tricks
  • Amazon - createspace, KDP, and KDP select
  • Other distributors - should you bother?
  • Reviews - why they’re important and how to get them
  • Why I chose to go indie - a personal story
  • Planning vs. Pantsing
  • My revision process - and a plug for Holly Lisle
  • Mailing Lists - Why and how
  • Personal reflections series - little intimate honest exchanges about writing and what it’s like. 

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