Excerpts, Shorts and Incomplete Works

Below are links to excerpts, unpublished short stories, and other incomplete works* that I add to this blog occasionally. I've listed them here to make them easier to find after the fact.

*Please note: The excerpts and unpublished stories posted here are NOT finished works. As such, they are riddled with errors and typos that I would normally catch between multiple rereads and edits, or that my primary givers of feedback would catch in their various readings. These texts have not been given that treatment, so they are imperfect and still in progress. Some people would suggest that I not let them see the light of day if that's the case. I have found that readers are often intrigued by the writing process and like these kinds of tidbits and I don't mind sharing them as long as everyone's on the same page about quality control. If you are easily offended by misplaced commas, consider yourself warned! :-)  

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