Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Traitor's Hope Awards Eligibility (aka Long Shot in the Dark)

Well folks, this is an odd thing, but if you follow a number of SFF authors' blogs you may notice that a few of them are posting reminders about which of their works are eligible for awards like the Hugos and others.

Certainly, a few of the authors whose works I enjoy make these posts every year, and I've always thought, Man, wouldn't it be cool if my books were eligible for the Hugos?

Funny thing. Turns out they are. Or, well, Traitor's Hope is, as it was published in 2017, is over 40k words, and is a work of fantasy. (Blade's Edge would have qualified in the year it was published if I'd had any idea that was a thing, but I didn't, so that ship has sailed.)

So, umm... consider this my official announcement. If you happen to be reading this, happened to enjoy Traitor's Hope, and happen to be eligible to nominate books for the Hugos, it qualifies for the category of Best Novel.

I realize, of course, that the chances of someone nominating it are slim, let alone it going any further than that, but hey, nothing ventured nothing gained.

So, here is Traitor's Hope: Chronicles of Gensokai Book II, for your consideration....


For centuries the Rōjū council silenced all who opposed them, spreading lies and killing innocents in order to maintain the status quo and ensure that female Kisōshi were little more than a long-forgotten myth. Now that Mishi and Taka have helped to depose the corrupt council, the land of Gensokai is reeling as it takes its first steps towards recovery. As the New Council attempts to corral the renegade allies of the defunct regime, Taka is asked to take charge of a frontline infirmary, putting her in the heart of the battle. To survive, she will have to rely on a person she cannot possibly trust.

Meanwhile, Mishi is asked to lure a vicious band of mountain raiders into the open--a mission that has proven fatal to all who have attempted it so far. Making matters worse, Mishi's mind keeps betraying her and she fears that her kisō and katana will betray her next. As the two friends fight to re-establish the peace in their homeland, the only question is where the next betrayal will come from, and if Mishi and Taka will have the strength to survive it.

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