Sunday, April 17, 2016

Side Tracked

Well, I have been working on the sequel to Blade's Edge. That's the good news.

The bad news is that between doing a second round of taxes on Monday (filing in two countries is a pain in the ass) and having guests come to stay with us, I have gotten side tracked from blogging. I haven't even written my week 18 update for my pregnancy blog yet. Which, by the way, if you're wondering why I'm only blogging once a week on this blog and those entries are pretty short, it's largely because I'm writing two entries per week for the pregnancy blog and it's taking up a lot of my non-fiction writing time.

I'm a bit sorry about that, but it does seem to be a popular topic, and I'm getting way more hits over on that blog than I am on this one.

Le sigh...

Meanwhile, I have registered for C4 (happening in late October) and hopefully for KeyCon (happening in late May). I say hopefully for KeyCon as I haven't yet heard back from them regarding my registration, but it was sent by mail, so that's not too surprising really. I expect to confirm all of this later this week. So keep an eye out for those if you enjoy going to conventions! And, I plan to have the Blade's Edge sequel ready to sell for C4, though I sadly will not have it ready in time for KeyCon.

I'm excited to announce that at both Cons I will be joined at my table by the talented author and artist Katya Kolmakov. She will be selling prints of her original artwork and promoting her various online fantasy series at our table.

(An example of the fantastic artwork by Katya Kolmakov - borrowed from her blog.)

So, that's all the news from this quarter for the week. More updates coming soonish... Happy Spring! 

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