Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Coming Soon: Indie Authoring with Virginia McClain

Yes, I'm aware that "Indie Authoring" isn't really a thing. But, hey, let's make it one, shall we?

I've been considering starting a Youtube channel for quite a while and now I've finally gone ahead and done it. Well, I've started to anyway.

Here is the introductory video for the series, just as a teaser. The full series will launch in November (though there may be a bonus NaNoWriMo video just before that). Anyway, this little intro video is just to give you a sneak peak. The first real episode won't launch until November 1st.*

The purpose of this channel you ask? To share advice on being an indie author in a format that is approachable, and hopefully at least mildly entertaining, and to give me an outlet to be goofy in front of a camera.

Check it out for yourself! The intro video is only three and a half minutes long. Let me know what you think...

If you have questions you'd like answered you can put them in the comments here or on youtube. I'll get them either way.

Alright, I'm off to work on that whole writing thing. I will post videos here whenever they are released, but subscribe on youtube if you want to be sure you never miss an episode! 

*November 1st is a soft deadline. The first full video may go up slightly before or after that date.

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