Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What to do when you have the house to yourself?

When you normally have a roommate (be that a spouse, partner, s/o, sibling, child, friend, or random stranger) finding yourself suddenly with the place to yourself can be a bit overwhelming. It can feel like sudden freedom or it can feel like a sudden hole in your otherwise perfect world. Sometimes it can feel like both of those things at once.

My husband is traveling for work for a week, and that leaves me alone in our cozy apartment with just me and the dog. To be honest, with both of us having been working from home for the past two months, my initial inclination is towards feeling a sudden freedom (though I'm sure I'll be missing him soon enough).

The question, though, is what to do with that sudden freedom... The possibilities are almost endless, but a few things come to mind as the top of the list:

  1. Eat food without plates (skewered on a fork or just held in your hand) while wandering back and forth between your desk and the kitchen.
    Om Nom pic stollen from the interwebs

  2. Dance to your favorite music blasting through the house in whatever attire suits you (including nothing at all if you're so inclined - no judgement). 
  3. Thanks, Tom Cruise, for the inspiration

  4. Practice an instrument, loudly, repeatedly, and often, without the fear of annoying the hell out of the other person that lives with you.
  5. This lovely work of art taken from soulofwinter's deviantart page

  6. Eat all your comfort foods all week without any fear of getting "that's not healthy" stares from your absent housemate. 
    Mmmm... kraft mac and cheese (or as my Canadian friends call it "KD")

  7. Feed the dog extra peanut butter, because it's hilarious and there's no one around to worry about the mess that you know you'll clean up when she's done. 

  8. Stay in your pajamas all day, and curl up with multiple good books. No one actually minds when you do this normally, but you feel guilty when other people are around to see it, so go ahead and indulge. 

  9. Take as many (or as few) showers as you like. No one can give you "the look" for taking too many, and no one is around to smell you if you take too few. 
    This one, of course, is credited to Charles M. Schulz

  10. Sing loudly and freely in all of those showers you are (or aren't) taking because no one is around to hear you. 
    If you don't know where I got this one, we are no longer on speaking terms

  11. Have dessert for breakfast, breakfast for dinner, dinner for lunch and eat whenever you want! No one else is around to make you adhere to societal norms, feel free to bend and break them as you see fit. 
    What do you mean I can't eat pancakes for dinner?

  12. Don't feel obligated to clean anything up until right before your roommate comes home. Unless you're planning on having lots of houseguests, why bother? 
    Also stolen from the depths of the interwebs

That's just scratching the surface, I'm sure. I've already struck a few of those off the list, and my husband has only been gone a handful of hours, so it'll be interesting to see what else occurs to me as the week wears on. I'll be sure to keep you posted if I come up with anything interesting. 


  1. Thank you! Thank you! I laughed myself silly reading (and viewing) this. Confession: I have actual clothes on today only because the house is full of Insulation Men hired to make the Old Manse less freezing-cold. Trust me, the other morning Winnipeg was many degrees warmer than B-more.

    1. Oh yay! I'm so glad it made you laugh. That was the idea. And indeed, I had a feeling that I wasn't the only person who danced around in their pajamas (or less) most of the time. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. I'm sure your roommate appreciates any and all outfits that you do (or do not) put on. ;-)

  3. I am angry too, and for the same reasons. As one who lives in and loves Bmore, I am appalled by the police murder of Freddie Gray last month, and by the police department which has been carrying on the same tactics as those which killed Gray on people of color for a long, long time. I fear for Bmore if, or more likely when, charges against the 6 policemen responsible for his horrible death are dropped or reduced.

    1. I sincerely hope that the police responsible will be held accountable, but sadly, I think you're right and it is unlikely they will be. Maybe if we keep speaking up someone will finally listen.

  4. BTW, for the General Public, "Bmore"= Baltimore, MD.

    1. By the way... how did your comments for the Why I'm Angry post wind up on the entry for What to do When You Have the House to Yourself? ;-) You have the funniest computer gremlins making mischief over there.

  5. What can I say after I say "oy veh"? Gosh, I wonder where this one will post.

    1. Hahaha! They appear, at the very least, to be consistent gremlins. So far... ;-)

  6. Yes, speaking up is what has to happen. I'm really worried, as are all my friends (of all skin colors), of what will happen in Baltimore (OK, correct official abbrev. Balto.) when the "verdict" is reached.

  7. but at least we're talking. Speaking up.