Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Back at it! (Bonus: Final cover art)

Hey folks, just a quick blog update today featuring bullet points of exciting things and a picture of my workspace for the day (ok... and a bonus at the end).

  • I'm back at work after two weeks of working for my old job leading students on a climbing and leadership field trip
  • I managed to finish up writing (with a lot of help from others) a back cover blurb and some teaser text for the book cover 
  • The above was much more difficult than anticipated, but I think the end results are solid
  • I have proofs for the final cover and it's amazing. When I have the final final cover (yep that's two finals) I will share it with you here (although my Kickstarter backers get the first look as part of their insider rewards)
  • I am going to spend the entire rest of today working on Blade's Edge revisions
  • The only two parts remaining after I finish applying my beta readers feedback (this is the part that got super delayed because of this trip) are my copy editor applying her revision and the formatters making everything beautiful
  • Once I finish these revisions the book will be largely out of my hands and I can't wait for that to be true
  • The cover is so nice that I find it intimidating to have to make the insides good enough to be worthy of the cover...
  • I am in Arizona right now and the weather is perfect
  • I miss my husband who is still in Winnipeg (where you would have to have a very different definition of perfect in order to describe the weather that way)
  • I'm feeling overwhelmed and beginning to worry that I don't actually have time to actually celebrate any of the holidays coming up (but I'm hopeful that that feeling is wrong)
  • Life is pretty damned awesome in spite of, and because of, everything I've just listed
  • Along those lines, here's my workspace today:
Photo taken with my laptop

So, yay for bullet points when paragraphs just take too much energy! I'm skimping on the blog so that I can actually focus on this book. I can't wait to show you guys the cover. I think you're going to love it. 

Because I feel bad about not having shown you any of the final cover art yet, here is the cover art without the design. (Now that my kickstarter backers have had it for a week I don't feel guilty for showing you.) The design is almost finished and I will show that to you in the not too distant future.

And on that note, I leave you. I hope everyone is enjoying the last few bits of fall or, in many places, an early and unforgiving winter (and for my friends in the southern hemisphere SPRING!). 

I'm hoping the enjoyment for winter will come from an appreciation of snow and many warm delicious beverages. :-)

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